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Offering Early Childhood Music Classes & Private/Group Lessons

SUMMER, 2019

Family Music: Mixed Ages: Babies - 5 year olds

Thursdays, 5:30 - 6:10

June 27 - August 1

Child & Parent/Caregiver

5 weeks: $50 (No materials for this summer, just an introductory experience and tuition. Email: Vickismusicstudio@gmail.com for registration form and/or additional details. We'd love to have you 

join us!  Call soon to reserve your spot with us!)

Come for the fun!

Stay for the education!

Registration/Release Form

Fall 2019


Classes Offered in the Fall...

Group Keyboard (Ages 6 1/2 - 9) 

Adult Group Keyboard (daytime or evening hours)

Music Makers (Ages 4 1/2 - 6 1/2)

Cycle of Seasons (Ages 3 1/2 - 5)

Family Music (Babies - 4 year olds)

     See CLASS DESCRIPTIONS for class days/times/tuition.

FALL schedule published soon!  DO contact VMS to let us know which class

      you are interested in!  Our summer class is running due to one VERY interested

     grandmother, and 2 other inquiries.... your input is valuable in determining class day and time!


Coming in the Fall!

We have continuing classes and new classes forming. 

Continuing class: accepting new students for the FALL.... Music Makers Around the World, Fridays 3:50 - 4:50 (3 slots available at present!) Ages 5.5 - 7

New Classes - form as interest is indicated!  

 Contact the studio  to be placed on the update list, or SUBSCRIBE to our site!


Private Lessons

Younger students  (ages 6 - 9) should first complete the keyboard series before private lessons.   Please see the description of this fabulous class on  CLASS DESCRIPTIONS.  

If your child loves to sing - keyboard class involves singing all that they learn to play, plus more!  OR consider joining NCC (link on CHOIR tab above).

Private Voice lessons available for Ages 12 - 82+.