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Offering Early Childhood Music Classes & Private/Group Lessons

Babies - Age 4

Family Music: Mixed Ages: Babies - 4 year olds

Fridays, 4:55 - 5:30

Child & Parent/Caregiver

24 week session (12 x 12)

Register for 12 sessions, or all 24!

24 sessions (October 4 - May 15)

     $250 including tuition and materials

12 sessions (Fall or Spring)

     Opening semester October 4 - Jan 31

     Spring semester: February 7 - May 15

           $155 per chosen semester - includes materials.

These weekly classes are action-filled - full of energy, often on the move, always exploring and learning - and their parents/caregiver. Together you’ll sing, chant, move, dance, listen, and play simple instruments, all activities that bridge the natural connection between music and movement through each wonder-filled semester.

Each lesson features movement activities for coordination, body awareness and control, exploration of space, and instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, drums, and resonator bars.

Additionally, you’ll receive a wonderful CD/Digital Download, a parent activity book, and a manipulative to use at home for more fun times together. 

Come for the fun!

Stay for the education!

Around the World: At the keyboard


Ages 5.5 - 8

Fridays, 3:50 - 4:50  (Almost closed...possibly accept 1 more)

Ages 6 - 7

Parent/caregiver returns to participate the last 10 minutes of class!

26 weeks (September 28 - May 15, 2020)

Tuition/Materials: $568

Payment plan available - contact Vicki for details

Mondays, 4:45 - 5:45

Ages 7-9

Parent/caregiver returns to participate the last 10 minutes of class!

24 weeks (October 14 - May 18)

Tuition/Materials: $530

Payment plan available - contact Vicki for details

For either class above, you may opt to register for the first 12 weeks of class.  

For either class, the tuition/materials would be: $315. 

After the introductory session, should you decide to enroll for the entire year, tuition would then be the completion of the tuition listed above.  

 In these classes we combine Music Makers Around the World, with Music Makers At the Keyboard, ​and the children learn about The British Isles, Amerindians, Germany and African American heritage.  They will learn folk songs and dances of the various cultures, learn about the musical background of each area, study maps, hear stories, and even sample some of the food!

This class continues to progress through the skill sequence as the children learn to become musically literate.  Once the aural foundation has been laid, it is time to focus on symbols that represent the familiar tonal and rhythm patterns that make up the repertoire.  Presented in the form of notation games, children are provided endless opportunities for repetition, ensuring that they become well familiar with both the sound and the look of these basic building blocks of the musical language.  When the time is right, the children delight in finding the same patterns – and singing them – in the song pages that are provided for many of the songs being learned in the unit.

These skills – being able to hear the notation pattern that you see in the written music, and being able to see what you hear – are imperative for success in instrumental instruction, whether that is in the form of our keyboard class or as part of the school instrumental music program.  Allow your child this year of excitement and exploration to ensure his or her success in future music-making activities.

Helpful home materials and CD's enable parents to work with students on musical patterns and notation games,  listening exercises, and singing games to include the whole family. Involvement of the family is the key to success in the learning process.

A keyboard (not necessarily full size) or piano is absolutely crucial for practice at home of these simple melodies and chordal accompaniment we will work to develop throughout the weeks in these keyboard classes.


Adult Group Classes

Interested?  Invite a friend and come have lessons together!


Private Lessons

Younger students  (ages 6 - 9) should first complete the keyboard series before seeking private lessons in Miss Vicki's Music Studio.   Please see the description of this fabulous class on  CLASS DESCRIPTIONS.  

If your child loves to sing - keyboard class involves singing all that they learn to play, plus more!  OR consider joining NCC (link on CHOIR tab above).

Private Voice lessons available for Ages 12 - 82+.