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Offering Early Childhood Music Classes & Private/Group Lessons


3:50 - 4:50 on Fridays, starting September 27 - 5 1/2 & 7 year olds.

Updated July 19.



"We absolutely love what she's accomplished so far in such a short time!"

"It's great that they learn to play songs by ear."

Why group keyboard over private lessons?


SO many reasons!

For students:

fast-paced, action-packed 60-minute sessions that seem to fly!: singing, dancing, drumming, ensembles, piano skills, playing in major and minor and 5 positions (keys) in the first semester alone!

For parents of younger students (or the older student him/herself):

great value for the investment of time and resources!

For the teacher:

fabulous and flexible curriculum that develops strong musicianship and piano skills - and the group dynamic is hard to beat!  

Students who wish to enroll in private lessons with Vicki's Music Studio should first complete a minimum of 2 years of Music Makers: At the Keyboard!  It's that valuable!


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Class Offerings

Family Music




Family Music: Mixed  Ages (Babies - age 4/5)

​Children will love making music along with their parent (or other grown-up). We sing songs from different cultures, and songs of contrasting tonalities, moods, and meters. We do finger plays, wiggling and tickling activities, body awareness songs and bouncing songs to experience the joy of playing together! Lots of movement is part of this class to allow children to feel the beat of music and learn about spatial awareness while enhancing their gross motor skills and coordination.  Children will wander  during this class, and adults are not to worry... children are still listening and taking everything in!   Children need time to explore the environment, and as long as they are not endangering themselves or another child, wandering is just fine!

Activities include singing, dancing, focused listening and simple instrument playing, creating an environment in which the child's music aptitude is nurtured and skills are developed. Occasional use of drums and hoops enhance the delightful playtime. Patterns are a part of every class to shape listening skills and acquaint the child with the rhythms of music. Dancing with scarves and hiding games are part of the fun! Parent (or other grown-up) and child enjoy a time of bonding, playing and music-making!  

Thursdays, June 27 - August 1

Introductory session: $50 (sibling fee $15 each)

Cycle of Seasons



Cycle of Seasons: Ages 3 1/2 - 5  

Celebrate your preschooler’s growing independence and love of the outdoors with activities involving the four seasons in the Cycle of Seasons. Developed to build attention and self-expression, activities include singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games, exploring musical instruments, creative movement and storytelling. The Cycle of Seasons nurtures your growing child’s ability to use language and participate in dramatic play within a musical context.  Parents/Caregivers stay for the whole class, although some of the activities are designed to have the children participate independent of their parents.

Fun family packets including wonderful music CDs are included for use at home to increase family involvement in the learning process.

Music Makers



Music Makers: At Home/ Around the World:    

Ages 5  1/2 - 7

  Success on an instrument starts with preparation.   The Music Makers at Home and Around the World curricula lay the foundation for tonal accuracy, beat competency, motor readiness, and note reading. We teach young children to audiate, that is, to hear the notation in their heads.  In this way we teach music, not only operating the piano. At around age 6, when fine motor skills are starting to develop, the children can bring this wealth of musical experience to their instrument with confidence. Most importantly, learning in a way that engages with the natural motivation of your child fosters a love and a passion for music making.  

What a powerful gift!    

2 Home Packets with CD's, posters, game pieces and notation cards included with tuition.

Group Keyboard



Music Makers: At the Keyboard: ages 7+

Expressing meaningful experience at the piano.

Piano is a wonderful foundation for the musical education you value for your child.  The Musikgarten philosophy is reflected in our goals: To awaken and nurture the musician inside of your child (and you!), to develop a positive relationship between your family and music, and to lead every child to become musically literate.  This philosophy is also evident in the structure of our curriculum.  We value the advantages of group teaching - only the beginning of which is more time and experience with concepts.  Peer interaction encourages students to teach each other as they learn how to teach themselves.  

 Musikgarten’s sequential and comprehensive approach to group piano instruction includes:

  • Singing to increase repertoire and form positive associations with repertoire through games and group song.
  • Listening to important beginning piano repertoire by major composers in a variety of styles.
  • Moving in complex dances with accuracy.  This leads toward an innate understanding of rhythm, phrasing, and form.
  • Echoing, reading, and composing with tonal and rhythmic patterns in duple, triple, major and minor in a variety of keys.
  • Learning songs at the piano through familiarity with these patterns, and transposing the songs into a variety of keys.  Previous musical experiences with this repertoire  results in more expressive and accurate playing.
  • Continuing to develop more complex and challenging ensembles which develop listening and coordination. Many piano students lack the opportunity to practice playing with other musicians
  • Improvisation within different keys, meter, and styles.
  • Music history and theory.
  • A highly sequenced, three-year curriculum developing piano skills, music reading, and a solid understanding of musical notation.  

Help your child become an independent musician as early as possible!  

Sign up for a fabulously fun group keyboard class!

includes tuition and 2 CDs, book, notation cards

Private Lessons




Voice & Piano

Limited openings.  

It is highly encouraged for children under age 10 to complete the 3-year group keyboard curriculum. The group class develops so many valuable skills that a minimum of one year of group keyboard class is required before consideration of acceptance into private piano lessons. 

Due to the incredible amount of singing in class, group keyboard is also recommended for singers under 10 - sing AND learn to play the piano! 

Adults are welcome to start in private lessons, though if possible - joining an older group class is highly recommended.  Loads of fun to be had playing along with others and creating piano ensembles!

 Studio recitals occur each semester either formally onstage at ONU's Snyder Hall, or informally during our last session.   



If interested in choir, please see the CHOIR page for a link to the newly formed 

Noteworthy Community Choir