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My Story

I earned my undergraduate degree in piano from ONU. Then, while on faculty of  the Peabody Preparatory, I fell in love with early childhood music teaching. Continuing to work at the preparatory, I also completed my Master of Music degree in Voice Performance at the Peabody Conservatory. Vicki's Music Studio opened in August, 2013 and it's been a total blast so far!  Even more is yet to come! 

Sharing my Passion

My greatest joy is helping others find their joy in music-making.  I love working with all ages, and  Musikgarten is my choice of a fabulous and comprehensive music curriculum for newborns through age 9, and for my adult group keyboard classes! Whether in group lessons, private lessons, or working with a choral group - nurturing a love of music is what it's all about!

Why Study Music?

The benefits of music study (early childhood music and lessons) are many and varied! “We like to say that ‘making music matters...because it is only through the active generation and manipulation of sound that music can rewire the brain.” (Nina Kraus).    Come actively engage in music at Vicki's Music Studio and rewire your brain!  (Or send someone whose brain you hope to rewire!)


Featured Music Class #1


Family Music: Mixed  Ages (Babies - age 5)  Children will love making music along with their parent (or other grown-up). We sing songs from different cultures, and songs of contrasting tonalities, moods, and meters. We do finger plays, body awareness songs and bouncing songs to experience the joy of playing together!

Featured Music Class #2


Music Makers: At Home/ Around the World:  (Ages  5.5 - 7)  Success on an instrument and with singing starts with preparation. The Music Makers at Home and Around the World curricula lay the foundation for tonal accuracy, beat competency, motor readiness, and note reading. We teach young children to audiate, that is, to hear the notation in their head. 

Featured Music Class #3

 Group Keyboard:  Ages 7+ We value the advantages of group teaching - only the beginning of which is more time and experience with concepts.  Peer interaction encourages students to teach each other as they learn how to teach themselves.    

Help your child become an independent musician as early as possible!  

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